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Weight Loss Supplier Ate Too Much? Keto Diet Basics, Losing Weight During Pregnancy Means Boy Or Girl, BEM KM UNTIDAR Keto Diet Basics , Safe Diet Pills That Work. between the two parties, Wei Zhongxian next to him was so anxious that he didn t know what to do, but he was a minister, so he dared not interject. At this moment, Ye Xianggao winked at him. He was not sure, so he winked back, but neither of them understood. Ye Xianggao had no choice but to say, Supervisor Wei, is there any good way you can guarantee the safety of the emperor Wei Zhongxian was overjoyed, because he wanted to be a peacemaker by himself. He knelt forward and said, Holy, the servants think that the ministers concerns are very reasonable. If your majesty sends an imperial minister to patrol only within the scope of the capital, then the holy master will pretend to be an entourage and bring more guards. To the real situation. This is the two sides making a concession. Zhu Youxiao thought for a while and said Is it only in the capital It s okay, first in the capital. Then who should be the imperial servant Of course, Wei Zhongxian Don t dare to interrupt. Fang how to change your diet to lose weight Congzhe said Your Majesty, Li Banghua, the former governor of Tianjin, is now the Minister of War, and he can be ordered to patrol the capital. Xu Guangqi said Your Majesty, the guards must weight loss drinks youtube have at least one hundred guns, one hundred Keto Diet Basics fire Best For Men Keto Diet Basics Summer Essential guns, and one hundred shields. Soldiers, plus the elites of Dongchang and Jinyiwei, otherwise the ministers would not dare to obey orders. Ye Xianggao said, Your Majesty should also take some maids to wait on the house. Please allow your majesty. Zhu Youxiao thought about it Keto Diet Basics Such a large number of troops seems a bit too much. Fifty hand guns should be no problem. As for the maid, I think I can take care of myself. The ministers together opposed, Sheng Yihong said Your majesty, please don t take it lightly. A woman is careful, so as to ensure that your majesty can live lose weight in 3 weeks comfortably outside. Fang Congzhe said Your Majesty, when you go out for inspections, you will be reported to your Majesty every day on major events in the capital. Please be timely. Approval. In addition, the center cannot be long lived. Please return to the palace as soon as possible. Your majesty and his ministers wait for a date. After one month, your majesty needs to return to the capital. Zhu Youxiao said How far can you go in one month, and it is a round trip, can you give me a allowance Some time. Xu Guangqi said Your Majesty, only Wu Zong has been out of the capital for a hundred years. Today, the ministers and other officials have already taken prejudices against the world. Please be considerate of them. This is the truth. The ministers were able to agree to Zhu Youxiao s request to leave Beijing this time because they knew that the emperor was a master who did practical things and would not be messed up. Second, Keto Diet Basics the prince was born and the world is still there. Taiping. Otherwise, everyone will not let him go out of Beijing anyway. Ye Xianggao said Your Majesty is out, who will supervise the country Although the emperor made a private visit with a microservice, there is no explicit state supervision, but the ministers all wanted someone to be the master in an emergency, so they raised this question. Zhu Youxiao said Why don t you Keto Diet Basics let the king supervise the state All the ministers were silent. Zhu Youxiao knew that they were unwilling, so he said again Then there will be no prison, anyway, only one month Xu Guangqi said Your Majesty s microservices, naturally there is no need to set up a state of supervision, but the minister thinks that it is better to set up one. How does your Majesty feel that the state is supervised by the prince The prince to supervise the country is actually very clear. It is how to lose 2 pounds in 1 week the queen supervises the country, because the prince can t even eat himself, and can supervise any country. As soon as Xu Guangqi said this, the ministers applauded Please wait for the prince to supervise the country. Zhu Youxiao knows this is what it should be, but he originally wanted to trust the king to supervise the country.

the skinny pill reviews He didn t want the ministers to be unwilling. Anyway, Zhang Yan how to lose 50 pounds in one week s political level is similar to that of Zhu Youjian, so let the prince supervise the country. He said Then the prince will supervise the country. As for the maids, don t bring them. Duan Gui is physically strong and can follow me how to lose weight in a couple of days on tour. Zhu Yanxi, Shangshu of the Ministry of Rites objected The imperial concubine must of course take the maid when leaving Beijing. In his opinion, the imperial concubine to serve the emperor personally is inconsistent with etiquette. There is no problem with this. Zhu Youxiao promised to take two court ladies, but because Zhu Yanxi insisted, he brought four. It was basically settled. When Zhu Youxiao returned to the harem, Zhang Yan didn t say anything. Wang Wan quit and must go out together. Zhu Youxiao had to promise her that she would take her fastest way to cut weight next time she went to Jiangnan. Wei Zhongxian is to be taken away. He is the general manager. Then Li Chaoqin, who is responsible for leading a hundred fire gunners, a hundred gunmen, and a hundred sword and shield soldiers. Huiming is a close bodyguard, leading thirty elite Jinyiwei. Wang Chengen led 30 elites in the East Factory, plus Duan Ying, Keshi and four court ladies, for a total of nearly 400 people. Three days later, Zhu Youxiao appointed Li Banghua to inspect the defense imperial missions of the capital, and to inspect the capital s residences. And he was mixed in Li Banghua s team and left the capital. As soon as he left the capital, Li Banghua came to ask for the direction of the tour. Zhu Youxiao said Living in Yanqing, go directly to Xuanfu Town. By the way, you first go to Xuanfu to Keto Diet Basics see the defense situation there. I will go slowly and take a look at the scenery and people in various places. Send away After Li Banghua, Zhu Youxiao said Li Dujian, you followed us with your troops for fifty miles. With so many of you, how do I see the real situation Wang Chengen, you followed Dongchang and Jinyiwei behind us. Inside and outside, if something happens, the factory officials will send a signal. Wei Zhongxian said Holy Lord, Li Dujian can only follow us within 20 miles, Wang Chengen should be within five miles, too far away, the servants are not at ease. Zhu Youxiao said angrily Fifty miles away, in my capital, what can be Keto Diet Basics the problem, aren t you skilled at bowing horses There is also Master Huiming, Duan Fei is also a master, we still carry hand guns, you are afraid of something What Wei Zhongxian knelt on the ground and said Holy Master, be careful healthy diet plan to lose weight fast in urdu not to make any mistakes. The servants dare not let the Holy Master be in danger. The first assistants said last time that they must ensure the safety of the Holy Master. Duan Ying s sleeves, Duan Ying reacted, and said Your Majesty, the Keto Diet Basics concubines are just ostentatious, please allow Duke Wei to ask for permission. The Keshi also said, My brother, just listen to Duke Wei, we As long as the mother, the master, the old man and the father in law Wei are together, let them get closer, the old man will feel safe. Zhu Youxiao said helplessly Get up, do as you say, the five of us will calorie count recipes go first. Wei Zhongxian knocked another head and said, Thank you, the saint, for supplements for weight loss understanding the slaves and maids. He got up and said to Li Chaoqin and Wang Chengen You two teams, always send people to send out sentries and pay attention to the signals from the sky. In time, someone must run near us, Keto Diet Basics be careful. If you make a mistake, take your heads first. The two hurriedly promised to do as ordered by the Keto Diet Basics factory owner, and Wei Zhongxian was relieved. So a group of five people moved forward first. Wei Zhongxian is a coachman, and Duan Ying and Keshi sit in the car. Zhu Youxiao and Hui Ming rode behind the car. After a while, Duan Ying yelled to ride a horse, so she became three people riding a horse. Duan Ying s riding skills are really good, it seems that they have been practiced. She whispered to Zhu Youxiao The emperor, the c


perdita-weeks-swim oncubine wants to take a good run. Zhu Youxiao smiled and said Run, pay attention to safety. Poor Duan Ying has not been riding well since he was elected. After crossing the horse, in this bright spring, I ran for five miles in one breath. When Zhu Youxiao came up, she smiled and said, Thank you, the emperor. Zhu Youxiao also knew that they didn t have much time to play in the palace, and said, Do you want to run Then run for a while. Duan Yingdao This is the emperor pampering us, and the concubines are already very satisfied, but I feel a little hung up on the children in my heart. Zhu Youxiao laughed and said, This is the Chinese parents. Said that the opportunity to come outside is rare, but you have to take a good look at the scenery, otherwise you won t have to see it when you return to the palace. Duan Ying smiled I heard people say back then, As soon as the gate of the palace is as deep as the sea, the concubines are not. We can play Keto Diet Basics mahjong in the palace, we can go out to the palace to stay temporarily, or we can go home to save relatives. Now the concubines can follow the emperor to visit the capital. The days are very exciting. At about noon, a group of people came to the Qinghe shop, which fastest way to cut weight is a larger town. In front of a restaurant, after Wei Zhongxian stopped and helped the guest down, the shop Xiaoer came up and asked Guest officer, do you want to stay at the top Shop. Wei Zhongxian looked at the sun in the sky suspiciously, and then said Keto Diet Basics The shopkeeper, we are on the top, four people, and another table of plain seats. Xiao Er weight what asked I don t know if you want a private room or in the lobby Wei Zhongxian wanted to be quiet in the private room. Just about to speak, Zhu Youyi jumped off the horse and said, Just in the lobby. Wei Zhongxian just remembered that the emperor wanted to Keto Diet Basics appreciate the sentiments of the people, and it was obviously more convenient in the lobby. So he said to Xiaoer Choose two clean tables in the lobby, and bring them any good flavors. The guest said Don t be too much, just enough to eat, the main thing is to be clean. Zhu Youxiao nodded and said Yes, if there is too much, it will be wasted. Just choose your signature dishes. Suddenly a few people spoke. The shopkeeper didn t know who was listening, and looked at Wei Zhongxian. Wei Zhongxian waved his hand and said, Did you not listen to the orders of the young master and the old lady Go get ready. The little second of the shop invited a few people into the shop, found two adjacent tables, and said The guest officer will be ready soon. Then brought tea and melon seeds, and let them wait while eating. At this moment, the conversation between the two nearby attracted the attention of Zhu Youxiao. A 40 year old long gown said The second daughter of the Liu family died unjustly. It s a crime. A 40 year old man sitting at the door opposite him said Yes, it s too miserable. Zhu Youxiao s heart was tight, could it be a case, he coughed, and Wei Zhongxian looked over. Zhu Youxiao made a nuisance, Wei Zhongxian had actually heard the conversation between the two, but his heart was full of the emperor s safety. Did Keto Diet Basics not pay attention to what the two people meant. At this time, I saw Zhu Youxiao s mouth lose weight cycling or running and knew what it meant, so he stepped forward and said Two fellow villagers, I don t know what tragedy they are talking about. There was a Cangzhou accent between the words. The two hurriedly said, My fellow, please sit down, let s take your time. Wei Zhongxian complained, sat down, and said in the long gown The three pillars of the old Wang family are honest people. Once I saw the second daughter of the Liu family, I was caught in the devil and wanted Keto Diet Basics to marry the second weight loss supplements for men that actually work daughter alive and well. The Wang family couldn t hold back the three pillars, so they had to ask the matchmaker to propose a marriage. However, the Liu calories calculator to lose weight app family just rejected the Wang family as they liked it. It s nothing at all. I don t want Sanzhu to be a seed

can you lose weight with just diet of Keto Diet Basics infatuation. I missed it and sustainable diet for weight loss how to lose weight post pregnancy fast became sick and fell into bed. The Keto Diet Basics Wang family asked Keto Diet Basics Keto Diet Basics the doctor natural ways to lose weight without exercise to look Keto Diet Basics walmart pills to lose weight at it, and the Best For Men Keto Diet Basics Summer Essential doctor said keto diet failure it should be quiet Yang, prescribed some medic